Sunday, March 5, 2017

Big Bees Patisserie

After a long time of wanting to meet up after my wedding and failing to do so for Christmas as one of the classmates was traveling to Brunei and Miri, finally I met Samantha last Saturday, 4 March at Tangkak Beef noodles followed by a fattening tea time at Big Bee in Kuchai Lama which was somewhere I haven't tried before.

Big Bees is actually a bakery cum cafe like how Donutes etc is with beautiful creative decoration and ambiance and pricey bread and cakes.

Tiramisu Slice (RM 8.50) 

The coffee sprinkle on top was just amazing as the bitterness compliments the cheese mousse at the bottom.

Strawberry Slice (RM 8.50) 

My friend's boyfriend, loves strawberry flavour and this cake is quite ok

Devil Tear (RM 8.50) 

I felt like a devil eating this sinful rich chocolate mousse that just acts to put on my weight!

I kind of like the Tiramisu Coffee (RM 9.50) with distinct tiramisu taste. 

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