Sunday, March 5, 2017

Secret of Lousiana

When I first laid eyes on the giant poster of the pasta buffet available at lunch time till 3 pm, I set the target to try it if I could and when I came here to talk to Chef Elvin on the wedding arrangement, I didn't hesitate to take the chance since it was lunch time last Sunday.

Can you believe it if I tell you the pasta buffet costs ONLY RM 24.90 per pax on Sunday and RM 21.90 per pax on Monday-Saturday? Unbelievable? Even more unbelievable would be it comes with home brewed coffee and hot ceylon tea, fresh homemade ice lemon tea without using the instant powder, free flow salad, thinly sliced bruchetta garlic bread, mushroom soup and also ice-cream of the day!

I like the fact that the freshly made lemon tea was without sugar and sugar syrup was served separately for you to add as you wish! This is definitely a customer-oriented chef!

There were 15 types of pasta to try and they can be flexible to serve in smaller portion for you to taste! Also, even more amazing is that the chef serves the al-dente spaghetti cooked live for you!

Curry Calamari 

This is my favourite spaghetti because I always fancy anything cooked with curry and even better, my favourite calamari!

Chilli Smoked Duck 

Smoked duck is another one of my favourite list! To pair it with spaghetti was just nice!

Fussili Chicken Lasagna 

I guess lasagna and Italy is just unavoidable. The pairing of lasagna with fussili is also suitable.

Cajun Garlic Shrimp 

Secret of Lousiana is famous for Cajun inspired dishes which is the spice from America South. The shrimps are also big and fresh for the price paid!

Creamy Pesto Fish 

I am someone who always like pesto sauce and it was beautifully paired with grilled fish.

Vongole Clam

Anything paired with clams definitely works for me!

I love the thinly sliced bruchetta garlic bread but the soup was a bit too diluted for me but he said he did serve wild mushroom soup before but some young customers prefer the pizza hut styled mushroom soup!

All the food are totally worth the price paid and there is a free view of natural lake or one can get the ambience of country styled set up inside the restaurant.

The chef is incredible in pairing food and doesn't settle for any pairing thats not tasty and would put his reputation at stake. In fact, he was so proud of his carbonara that he insisted his waiter brought that for me though we were full to the brim. His carbonara sauce is made from imported double cream to make it so creamy and thick.

Chicken Carbonara

Free ice-cream! YAM!

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