Sunday, July 3, 2016

Foo Foo Fine Desserts

Since it's my birthday on 24 June and mum wanted to treat me, I decided to come here as I have been having this wish ever since I saw my colleague's son Facebook post on this.

The place looks cosy and unpretentious with the decoration looking like a cafe of my mother or grandmother's era. They even used the calendar as one of the wall decorations! 

Being a Friday, there were not many people there except us.

Bombe Alaska (RM 25) 

This is a beautiful masterpiece that looks more like a sweet rose made from meringue than what the name suggests. It is served with fire lighted on it. Inside is not chocolate cake but gingerbread topped of with lemongrass ice-cream and also dried cranberries. The dessert is set alight with a little rum. The chef said this item is either you like it or you don't because many people cannot stand the pungent smell of lemongrass. For me, I love it!

It is my most special birthday cake ever without a candle as the chef would not want me to destroy his masterpiece.

Crispy Profiteroles (RM 22) 

These are just amazing crispy pastries with salted caramel coffee ice-cream in between like hamburgers. The profiteroles sit on slices of grilled orange which makes this really special. My friend and mother said that these are similar with mum's homemade cream puff but I beg to differ.

Chocolate Rose (RM 12) 

This is supposedly premium hot chocolate but I still prefer it with more rose petals like the one at Owl Cafe Bukit Jalil.

Iced Apple Cinnamon (RM 12) 

We felt this is too light and tasteless.

The fine dining desserts here are definitely better than the one at Marini's 57. They also change the menu every month and would remove and replace with 1 new item.

Address: 6A, First Floor, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi.

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