Saturday, July 2, 2016

Xiang Man Qing Restaurant

Xiang Man Qing is a big Chinese Sichuan-Hunan restaurant operated by China Chinese boss. It is located in Fraser Business Park.

The appetizer were cabbage preserved in a whole lot of chilli till it is too spicy.

Pork on Hanger (RM 32)

One of my favourite food here is the Pork on Hanger (RM 32). I really like this thinly sliced pork till my guilt of eating fatty pork was hidden aside! I even stole others' share, excusing myself  by saying they have tried the same food before. There is chilli oil served in the middle. The meat is presented so beautifully, that from seeing the photo and from afar, it looks like they are mere sliced cucumber! 

 Garlic Crayfish (RM 68) 

The presentation is really pretty here whereby the crayfish is arranged in the form of a flower. The sauce is also very sweet. Underneath are bamboo slices. 

Hand-Grabbed Lamb Rib (RM 68) 

When this item arrived, the smell is very pungent due to the high amount of big round pepper used. The lamb ribs are roasted till super dry and one could easily eat this like how the cavemen do it. 

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn (RM 28) 

It looks like any normal steamed egg with fake crab meat. We initially thought there would be lala inside. 

Seafood Thai (RM 128) 

This is the priciest of the lot as it contains a lot of seafood like small crab, bamboo clams, lala, prawns, scallops, 1 whole fish and straw mushrooms. The sauce is also quite tasty. 

Garlic Vermicelli Steamed Prawn (market price) 

This is my other favourite food whereby I had eaten 3 pieces of the prawns that are beautifully arranged. The garlic and prawn juices combination make this really sweet.

Spicy Chicken Gizzard (RM 32) 

I am not sure about others but I kind of fancy chicken gizzard. They cooked with crunchy greens and also traditional Sichuan chili. 

Pepper Pig Stomach & Chicken Soup (RM 48) 

Drinking this is nostalgic as it brings back memories of my babysitter cooking this whenever we pray to our ancestors. The soup is very sweet and has strong pepper taste. The portion is very big, in a large claypot. 

Boiled Beef (RM 42) 

The beef is cooked with bean sprouts and a lot of chilli oil. 

I also take a liking to the Herbal Tea which is not overly sweet. 


Address: Xiang Man Qing, No. 8, Jalan Metro Pudu, Fraser Business Park, Jalan Yew, 55100 KL 
Opening Hours: 11.30 am-10.30 pm 
Tel: 03 92210818 

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