Monday, December 30, 2019

Bahtera Santai @ Penang

It was the last night of Alimah and Azlina in Penang and they decided to give mum a treat for bringing them out the entire day so we had Ikan Bakar along the sea. We surveyed every single cafe but some were so crowded that we were afraid so we went to the least crowded one which regretfully, took a long time to serve the food, like almost 30-45 mins! Even the drinks took a long time.

I guess my skin was allergic to beach as I had a lot of mosquito bites every time i go to the beach/forest. Nevertheless, I persisted since my skin was always sensitive anyway.


We were shocked to see the bill, as we thought Malay seafood is normally cheaper. The worst was that we thought we ordered Siakap Bakar for RM30 but it turned out to be Jenahak Bakar which cost RM54! The Sotong Goreng Tepung (Fried Octopus in Flour) cost RM24 which was ok for 6 pieces, few big prawns cost RM34, Kerang/Cockles (RM10) but they were so tiny I could not open it at all.

The solace lies in the tasty food. The entire bill came up to RM134.30 which to me was expensive but they said this is normal price for seafood.

Address: Lot Petak A, 6, Ikan Bakar Batu Uban

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