Sunday, August 5, 2018

Serai @ Jaya Shopping Centre

My colleague Ain loves Serai so much so we went there again for lunch. She likes to try different delicacies which I love too.

Honeydew Blast (RM 14) 

This is a blend of fresh honeydew, laici and lime and was a refreshing and incredible combo.

Asian Style Tiger Prawn Salad (RM 24) 

The prawn salad is quite unique as the crunchy fresh prawns are made with laici too and young mango.

Deep Fried Crispy Brinjal (RM 16) 

Surprisingly, to me, such simple food should not be ordered in a fancy restaurant but the spicy, crispy thin brinjal was so addictive. The spices is also unique.

Serai Platter (RM 27) 

The Serai platter is great as an introduction to our the famous food in Serai such as assam pedas oxtail, honey squid and ayam goreng berempah. All sinful when I was on a diet. To me the oxtail is nothing to brag about but I love the honey squid and like all nyonya Penangites, the acar.

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