Saturday, August 4, 2018

Contango Buffet Dinner

For our 2018 birthday, we celebrated with buffet dinner at Contango at the Majestic Hotel KL. Surprisingly, many people come to Contango for the buffet due to the awesome array of food and also the cheap price of only RM 110 per pax compared to other 5 Star Hotels which charge at least RM 150 per pax.

Jonathan was so hungry he started eating first while I went upstairs to change to a more comfortable clothing.

The difference between dinner and lunch buffet is that dinner buffet has small lobsters.

The myriad of fresh raw seafood available

The star highlight for myself would be the variety of Japanese buffet especially the sashimi and sushi that made my mouth water when I saw them. I love the thick pieces of salmon, maguro and also the jellyfish and seaweed! Few weeks after that, I did not eat sashimi anymore.

Tuna salad

One of my favourite are the Japanese scallops in humongous portions
The char koay teow booth, whereby they cook it hot. It didn't taste good, though there were a lot of ingredients inside like fishcake, greens and bean sprouts. Luckily we didn't order this for room  service as oer Jonathan's earlier wishes and I stopped it as it cost RM 60++

I was too full to try the lasagna though was tempted to try 

I had to add chilli as it was not spicy enough.

The other best part besides the Japanese buffet is the wide array of desserts. The cakes are served individually instead of cutting 1 big cake into many smaller pieces

The delectable artisan ice-cream

The fresh juices

Twinnings Tea anyone?

Even better, if you have room in your stomach, you can pay a reasonable price for the wine buffet! I almost wanted to do it just that I was too full

At the end of the night, I surprised Jonathan with a birthday cake, it seems the waiters there are skilful in birthday surprises


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