Saturday, August 4, 2018

Kyubei @ Isetan 1Utama

We went shopping at 1Utama for some clothes as I needed new clothes to wear for presentation when I travel a lot nowadays. After a lot of walking for 5 hours, we had dinner at Kyubei the Isetan cafe, which is our first time. Initially I hesitated to eat here thinking it is cooked by immigrant and changed my mind after seeing the Chinese cook. We had to wait almost 25-30 mins for the food to arrive as there was only one chef.

We ordered the okomoyaki (RM23.60) which was surprisingly so delicious and could rival the one in Japan. The best part was the shell design drawn on top of it using the sauce.

The beef steak (RM 27.40) was half-cooked to my liking, just too bad it was cold by the time it arrived.

We might come back again for the yaki soba. Portions were big and the prices affordable.

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