Saturday, June 25, 2016

Martin Kary Salt Cave Japanese Restaurant

We were supposed to go to Hemisphere for my birthday but at the very last minute, and after getting fed up of calling Hemisphere for an hour on 24 June to ask whether they still have the set lunch for RM 49.90, finally I gave up. In addition, I saw that the set lunch PDF was pulled out of the website! Too bad I didn't get to dine at my dream place. Thank god I was clever enough to find a plan b  which is this place, Martin Kary Salt Cave Japanese Restaurant, which was just opened last Thursday.

It seems unique for a man-made salt infused restaurant. But the stalagmites are not that big as I imagined it to be. Fancy having a Japanese restaurant opened by Iranians? It's true!

There were many lunch crowd due to the RM 13.46 set lunches that comes with choices of either chicken, butterfish, lamb (seriously!), etc.

I regretted not pressing further when he said I could not have 30% discount as I did not have any voucher. Later I found out that one of the waiters was distributing the vouchers at the lift near Michelangelo restaurant! :(

The top floor is reachable through a white spiral staircase and there are many white semi circle tables and also a private room upstairs.

Butterfish Teppanyaki Set Lunch (RM 13.46) 

The fish is just amazing and succulent, soft to the core. It is served with Chai Sim and bean sprouts cooked teppanyaki style. I love the sauce a lot.

Sliced Lamb  Teppanyaki Set Lunch (RM 13.46) 

Can you imagine having LAMB teppanyaki at this price? The lamb slices are also wonderful and flavoursome.

Smoked Kamo Teppanyaki (RM 23.32) 

This is actually the signature dish that many bloggers say not to be missed! It's smoked duck slices cooked with ginger citrus zest. This is served with chick peas, broccoli and dried mushrooms.

Squid Fried Rice Bento (RM 13.46) 

Dad chose this. The squid fried rice is one of the best I have ever eaten in terms of fried rice as I am not a fan of fried rice generally. It also comes with 2 fried  shimsamo which fried till crispy. There are also salad, miso soup and a small portion of pickles.

Aburi Sushi (RM 25.44) 

Despite my initial preconception that the sushi would not be that delicious, his is quite delicious. In fact, each fish is different and there was even octopus! I wish I could have more of this!

Add: No. 4, Jalan Solaris 5, SOHO KL, Jalan Solaris, Mont Kiara, 50480 KL 

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