Saturday, September 9, 2017

Kompassion Thai Fusion Food

Food hunting always require a big budget so I always have to look for place that serves tasty food at a reasonable price which is not easy to find, if you are like me, a person who also wants the ambience together for the same price.

My sudden urge to eat Thai food today and then the continuous googling finally ended up with an incredible place called 'Kompassion' in Damansara Kim.

When we entered the cafe, I was pleasantly surprised to see the art and interior which looks almost like a Western restaurant rather than Thai.

The menu at one glance, looks expensive whereby most of the specials cost RM 38-60! Then thank god, I saw the last page shows a set meals which cost only RM 13.90-RM 15.90 per set including drinks of either iced lemon tea or lemongrass drink with fruits! They even serve us with complimentary chips for munching, compared to the chinese restaurants which usually charge for this.

That is very shocking for such a beautiful and sophisticated dining place. The garnishing was very good and the rice dishes are all made in the shape of square with side dishes nicely placed.

This cafe is also quite instagram friendly. With the reasonable priced and tasty food, quite a lot of customers patron it on a Saturday. The entire bill only came up to RM 34.75 including GST and 10% service charge!

Phad Thai Prawn (RM 13.90) 

The Phad Thai is unique as it is made from linguini and very flavoursome and tasty. There are fresh bean sprouts, peanuts and chilli powder. The prawn is also quite big for that price.

Green Curry Fried Rice with BBQ Chicken (RM 15.90) 

The rice is made in square shape and bursting with green curry flavours which was fried together with the rice. The BBQ chicken is also quite tender. There was my favourite kerabu mango as side dish too with delicious original Thai sambal!

A very contented guy

Details: No.5, Jalan SS20/11, Petaling Jaya 47400 Damansara Kim.

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