Sunday, August 6, 2017

Three Brothers Satay Celup

After a few days and holidays of boredom and no longer having cafe hopping style like my previous
lifestyle, finally we came to this new place and waited 30 mins for our turn to eat at Three Brothers Satay Celup. The waiting time is slightly shorter and minus the distance needed to go all the way to Melaka for Satay Celup. So of course the price is also a bit more expensive at RM 1.30 per stick.

After having bread at Donutes to solve our starvation problem, and waiting another 20 mins, it was finally our turn. It was so much joy for me to take any lok-lok I like from the fridge. The service of the staff was quite efficient in refilling and stirring the satay sauce frequently for us.

There is also BBQ service for the satay meat, lamb, beef, fish and chicken wings but you have to wait another 30-45 mins for the staff to BBQ for you. The seafood is quite fresh too.

We spent RM 70 plus just eating Satay Celup for 2 pax, quite a lot of expenses for a hot stuffy place with no air-cond and just lok-lok

Finally after waiting for 30 mins, our BBQ food arrived:

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