Saturday, December 28, 2013

Whipping out crazy dishes on lazy Sunday

Yesterday, I took about 2 hours of lunch inclusive of grocery shopping at Giant in Plaza OUG which I have visited for the first time.

The result is what you see today. Since bean sprouts is the cheapest at about RM 0.60 for such a big packet, I figured that I would fry it today. In addition, I always have to pay about RM 7 for bean sprouts at the kopitiam tai chau outside or even at the Chicken Rice Stall or even places like the Chicken Rice Shop. But I cooked it differently in the sense that I cooked it with nice red chillies and lots of garlic and some shredded carrots and also a little oyster sauce that resulted in the slight brownish colour.

Bean Sprouts in the frying

The second dish was a little crazy where I stir fried a small chicken thigh with chilies, garlic, onions and the weird ingredient was ladies' fingers of all things! I cut the ladies fingers into very small slices, that shows the flowers right at the core. I added in some chili paste and chili sauce for the spice in addition to the oyster sauce.

The outcome: A hearty healthy meal. 

After all the cooking, my fingers felt tingly and somehow seems like all the mix of sauces has absorbed into my fingers causing some sort of pain.

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