Sunday, December 29, 2013

What's for dinner?

I guess I am in a cooking frenzy today. So I am marinating a chicken drumstick in tea drink, red wine vinegar, Sarawak pepper, soya sauce and lemon. Hopefully, my Tea Grilled Chicken turns out tasty ala Purple Cane? Alright, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Here are some snapshots of the meal :

Preparations : Marinating the chicken with tea

I finally had the Tea Roasted chicken drumstick for supper. The long marination time proved thorough enough to make all the red wine vinegar, lemon, oyster sauce, a mix of sweet, sour and salt combine to result in a an incredible taste in the tender chicken. The small baby tomatoes provided the natural sweetness for the chicken hence a great supper.

I then cooked roasted chicken marinated with lemon, oyster sauce and also black pepper sauce. I then sprinkled slices of mushrooms and also baby tomatoes and chilies. The result is quite alright, but too mild, not much taste, probably because too little sauce was added. I could not put vegetables as garnishing because my friend is carnivorous. So I compensated with two omelettes for him but he was still hungry after the whole meal. 
Grilled Mushroom black pepper and oyster sauce chicken

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