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BWB Review 28 Nov 2015

For the last five months, BWB was established in the busy bustling neighbourhood of Desa Sri Hartamas. It has bistro concept with a bar at the side yet it remains as casual for hanging out with friends. There are dining tables everywhere for ease to have a meal.

Previously, it is well known as a yakitori bar but now it has changed its name to BWB Flaming on Table. “Flaming on the table” is a concept developed by the owners from their frequent traveling experiences to New York, France and Japan. The flaming concept actually originates from France but BWB is branded as an Italian fusion bar.

The Lemongrass Drink is very refreshing to be eaten with everything here and cools the body down in the hot Malaysian weather.

The food presentation is very beautiful and almost like fine dining at an affordable price.

Yellow Bomb (RM 20)

Our first dish is Yellow Bomb (RM 20) which is lobster salad with caviar cucumber and mango. The mango looks so sweet and tantalizing and to top this heavenly sight with caviar is simply remarkable. It leaves me drooling while wondering when would I get to savour it. 

Cup Noodle (RM 14)

The second dish is Cup Noodle (RM 14) whereby angel hair pasta is lightly fried with crispy pan fried bacon chips, dried chilli, aglio and thyme. One thing is for sure, this is better than the name, Cup Noodle. The noodles are served in a liquor glass. 

Secco Seppia (RM 12)

This is Grill Marinated Sun Dried Pulled Cuttlefish, reminds me of the dried cuttlefish that kids like to munch on or even the one I eat as a snack. It is slight spicy too, and nice to go with beer.

Truffle Butter Toast (RM 18)

Truffle Butter Toast (RM 18) is a simple dish. The truffle butter that covers the crispy mini French toast lends the fragrance that beef up this toast. The black caviar is a nice contrast to the whitish topping. This is good to go with any alcohol.

 Salted Shrimp (RM 12)

Calling all fried shrimp lovers, this is first in the menu! The deep fried shrimp is lightly sprinkled with assorted chilli spices. It kind of reminds me eating those traditional village snacks. Very Malaysian. 

Knuckle Bun (RM 10)

These are mini hamburgers or what I call mantou sandwich with a certain crisp. This is again a simple dish that is thankfully not oily.  Sandwiched in between the Knuckle Bun (on the left), are sliced pork knuckle with cucumber, cabbage and onions. 

Chicken Bun (RM 8)

This is similar with Knuckle Bun except that it consists of chicken together with cucumber, cabbage and onions. 

 Calamari Salsa (RM 16) 

This is simply deep fried small pieces of calamari served with salsa and onions at the side. Appetizing to be eaten with cold beer.

Sizzling Seafood (RM 30)
Eating this dish reminds me of eating at Manhattan Fish franchise as the food is usually served sizzling. From the photo, you cannot make out what you are  actually eating when in actual fact, they are sizzling prawn, salmon, squid, oyster and mussel with sizzling spicy sauce. 

Petai Toast (RM 16)

For a fusion western bar, it was a big surprise when I saw petai, of all things, to be served on top of the toast! Petai Toast reminds me of the times when we have leftover petai curry and would dip bread inside the curry. On top of the toast, there is a beautiful half-boiled egg, that is similar with benedict eggs.This is my favourite as I love petai so much. It is also creative to add egg this way, and believe me, it is my first time seeing this sight!

Bolognese Toast (RM 16)

This toast is served with minced pork and half-boiled egg egg, recreates the Chinese style spaghetti on toast minus the spaghetti.

Fragyu (RM38)

Fragyu is actually pan fried wagyu topped with fois gras. The names of ingredients look very sophisticated as though we were eating in fine dining restaurant. The dish is even served with a glass cover on top. It looks so tasty that one of my friends popped it into her mouth so I could not give a taste review. I have a burning desire to try this dish, one fine day, if the day ever comes. 

Piggy Burger (RM 28)

This is quite a small burger for RM 28. Anyway, the sakura minced meat with oat and onion pork patty is nicely cooked, whereby the texture is not too soft nor too hard and rubbery. I like the fact that it is not oily. It is served with sunny side bun, a good change from how people normally serve burgers. 

Ocean on Fire (RM 65)

BWB Flaming on the Table, being famous for the food to be served flaming, serve the ocean trout, scallop and prawns. This is my favourite dish compared to the rest of BWB Flaming on Table food that are available after 5.30 pm. I loved the fresh salmon, big prawns and mussels that have a slight spicy taste. The salmon was not overly hard. The scallops are incredibly enormous. I also like the soft, sweet and fresh vegetables sides like the French beans and bacon bomb.

Below is the video of the food:

All BWB Flaming dishes comes with side and garnishing subjected to change alternatively. Today’s side dishes are asparagus, tomato, carrot, cabbage onion, bacon bomb, corn, sweet potato, baby kalian, Italian potato, mashed potato and coleslaw, The garnishing are mixed green such as green beans, zucchini, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and Asian vegetables.

More Details:
Add: No. 10, Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6206 3800
Business Hour: 12pm - 12am (Daily)

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